We are a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), and are in strong support of the 2025 National packaging targets to achieve, reduced content in flexible packaging by changing film structures or downgauging where possible, produce 100% recyclable finished packaging to suit the Australian recycling streams, or where possible the use of PCR or PIR content to meet Covenant targets.

Richdale plastics are changing the current Australian market by;
  • Redesigning current products from multilayer laminates containing Foils, PET, Nylons, Coated films, etc into LDPE or PP based barrier films that can be readily recycled in the current Australian waste recycling streams.
  • Creating flexible packaging designed to provide protection for packed products and provide desired shelf life. These films are manufactured on our high tech 7 & 9 layer Co-extrusion lines and are suitable for recycling.
  • Optimising film structures, allowing us to downgauge and reduce the quantity of plastic used.
  • Utilising PCR (Post consumer recycle) content or PIR (Post Industrial Recycle) content.

We have a strong belief that everyone has their part to play in creating a sustainable circular economy. From Consumers and Retail, to Industry and Government, we all need to work together to improve flexible packaging recycling.

Some major initiatives that are currently being introduced are;
  • “Curb side” pick up for residential waste.
  • Return to store drop off points for used flexible packaging.
  • Industry working with major recycling companies to recycle post industrial waste.
  • Government investing in waste recycling streams to encourage the recycling of precious commodities that can be reused over and over again.
  • Stewardships that are allowing the collection of post commercial waste for recycling.

Please call our team to discuss how we can help improve your flexible packaging in line with the Australian Packaging Covenant 2025.

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