About Us.

Richdale Plastics provides outstanding PE films, laminates and services to a wide range and diverse industries throughout Australia and overseas.

Right first time every time.

Who We Are

Being a wholly Australian owned company, we believe passionately that our success in the industry lies in the value of innovation, our people, fair and honest relationships and our corporate responsibilities.

Our objective in business is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with all our customers and suppliers. We provide a cost effective service from start to finish which is followed up with quality customer service by our dedicated team.

Our Company.

Although a relatively new company – we have highly experienced key personnel and staff with over 20 years’ experience in the flexible PE film industry. All processes and procedures are in place to provide a high quality and professional service to all of our customers.

Richdale Plastics success comes from continuous improvement of the Manufacturing Operations.

Continuous improvement of the Manufacturing Operations is part of the Richdale Plastics strategies to achieve industrial excellence by;

  • Running the operations with utmost concern for utilities consumption and raw material effective usage
  • Delivering faultless material with the most efficient logistics
  • Investing resources to regenerate scrap material
  • Improving quality, customer service satisfaction
  • Constantly training its workforce

Our Vision.

Richdale Plastics culture is a combination of the entrepreneurial spirit of a new organization with the strength and capabilities of an established market leader, driven by a knowledgeable and experienced management team.

Richdale Plastics objective is to become the Australian leader as a PE films supplier.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide the agricultural and general packaging industry with great products and services, through reliable and consistent quality PE films.

We help our customers to create the most competitive end film solutions.


Our Core Values.

First class services and advanced PE film solutions.

Customer Care

Richdale Plastics is dedicated to helping our customers to thrive in their business by providing advanced PE film solutions and first class services. With the ever increasing complexity and demands placed on flexible PE Films our customers require a supplier that understands their needs and has the capabilities and resources to deliver the highest performing films. We are committed to be this supplier. 


Richdale Plastics constantly challenges itself to improve and develop leading-edge PE films offering valuable solutions to our customers. With regular trips overseas and our research into innovation and development of new PE films, Richdale Plastics seeks to deliver new emerging PE films into the marketplace.

At Richdale Plastics, innovation is also synonymous with keeping our organization ahead of the competition and we are determined to constantly improve our processes and services.

People & Diversity

Richdale Plastics is an Australian multicultural company. We respect and treat fairly and equitably all our employees. We strongly believe that cultural differences are an asset and encourage people to communicate their ideas and talents in order for them to contribute to the overall success of the company. We create a work environment that empowers every employee to reach his or her highest potential.

Safety & Environment

Safety is a serious issue at Richdale Plastics whether it is about our technologies, our products, the safety and health of our employees and our customers.

Our environmental concerns also include energy-efficiency and recycling waste.

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