Sustainability Approach

Sustainability and environmental issues are the main subjects for Richdale Plastics to address and position itself as a market leader promoting a responsible approach towards present and future generations.

Richdale Plastics is a sustainable supplier, where PE films pass the tests of environmental acceptability.

Our Commitment.



Richdale Plastics commits itself to the position of being a sustainable supplier of PE film and PE film packaging by embracing an integrated long-term approach towards environmental protection, social equity and economic prosperity. Richdale Plastics intends to pursue an up to date and responsible PE film/packaging  Read More>>>

Environmental & Product Stewardship.



The environmental performance of Richdale Plastics regarding air emissions, water and energy consumption, scrap/waste production during all the stages of the manufacturing of the PE film process, is supported by the improvement objectives set by Richdale Plastics environmental strategy. Read More>>>

Social Responsibility.



Richdale Plastics is dedicated to helping our customers to thrive in their business by providing advanced solutions and first class services. With the ever increasing complexity and demands placed on flexible PE Films our customers require a supplier that understands their needs and has the capabilities and resources todeliver the highest performing films. We are committed to be this supplier. Read More>>>

Quality Management.



A Quality Management System to guarantee our continuous improvement. Richdale Plastics Quality Management System (QMS) is focused on providing the agricultural and packaging industry with exceptional PE films and services in compliance with Australian/International standards. Richdale Plastics is committed to pursuing this objective by ensuring continuous improvement; Read More>>>


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