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Our customers require a PE film supplier that understands their needs and has the resources to deliver. Richdale Plastics continues to develop leading edge PE films and provide valuable solutions without compromising on consistency and quality of PE film.

Our monolayer or co-extruded PE films offer a diverse range of PE films to satisfy nearly any flexible film/packaging need including agricultural films, tubing, bags on rolls, bundling film, shrink sleeves, pallet bags/caps and lamination films.

Whether you are in industrial packaging, ice, agriculture, timber, meat or dairy industries, we have a PE film/packaging solution for you.

Right first time every time.

Our Product Range

General Use

  • SWS single wound sheet
  • Loose bags
  • Bags on roll
  • Plain tube
  • Pallet bags
  • Pallet caps
  • Pallet shrink tubing
  • Stretch wrap – hand
  • Stretch wrap – machine
  • Carton liners
  • Wood bags
  • Bin liners
  • Lamination films – metal
  • Lamination films – print
  • Ice bags
  • Vacuum bags
  • Cooking film bags
  • High barrier films for food
  • Produce bags
  • Bundling film
  • Shrink tube
  • Mattress bags, tubing, boots  

Agricultural Film

  • Strawberry mulch cover
  • Silage wrap
  • Grape cover
  • Green house film
  • Cloche film
  • Silver/Black mulch cover

Building & Construction

  • Builder film
  • Asbestos bags
  • Asbestos lining

Timber Wrap

  • WoodWrap®

PE Film & Bags

PE Films
& Bags
Mono Extruded Film Mono layer film – one layer of blended polyethylene resin and same colour both sides.
Co-Extruded Film Multi-layered films can create different characteristics on each side of the film including colours and or different polymers for a unique feel or look.
Colours Our PE films can be natural, clear, white, black or can be in a standard colours: red, blue, yellow and green. We can also colour match to meet your requirements – minimum order quantity applies.
Printing 1, 2 or 3 colours in fact we can print with up to 6 colours inline flexographic print. We will work with you the whole way through the process from plates to layout.
Corona Surface Treatment We can corona treat one side or both sides or not treat film if required.
Gauge Range Micron Range 15um up to 250um.
Tube Width Range 450mm up to 2200mm.
U Film
Bags Bag on roll.  Loose bags. Perforation. Punching


We’re specialists in resins and additives helping you to select the right one for your unique packaging solution.

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